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Aquiares Coffee - Caturra Peaberry


One of our classic preparations, Caturra is our resident favorite for all coffee drinkers. A succession from a Bourbon coffee plant, one of the first plants introduced to the Americas from Yemen, Caturra produces a peaberry bean that has a bold taste complete with a subtle, natural sweetness and slightly floral tone.

Roasted on the farm, using local workers, and roasting traditions over a hundred years old, the Caturra is an all-around blend that is best enjoyed any time of the day! For more than forty years it has proven to be the definition of smoothness for coffee drinkers across the globe, and a local favorite in Turrialba. In addition, it grows amazingly well in the local Costa Rican environment, offering significant harvests for the amount of land it takes to grow - meaning our Caturra offers us an amazing coffee while keeping environmental needs to a minimum. 

Tasting Notes: cane sugar, citric, cinnamon, floral

Aquiares Coffee Estate is Costa Rica's largest Rainforest Alliance certified coffee farm. It is also one of the only farms in Costa Rica to earn the prestigious partnership with the Costa Rican Coffee NAMA (Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action), an organization dedicated to tracking and managing carbon output.