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Aquiares Coffee - Centroamericano Natural


The What:

The Centroamericano Natural coffee from Aquiares is in a league of its own. The natural sun drying and unique preparations they perform to the Centroamericano variety makes it a bold and complex coffee - with various tasting notes at different points as you sip.

A cross between Rume Sudan from Ethiopia and Sarchimor from Central America. This variety has successfully adapted to the shaded conditions of our farm, similar to the forests in which in natively grows in Ethiopia. Its production is vigorous, and its cup profile, superb.

Notes: apricot, blueberry, chocolate & walnuts

The Where:

Roasted at the farm, under the shadow of Turrialba Volcano in Cartago, Costa Rica and using traditions over a hundred years old, Centroamericano Natural is a masterclass in coffee preparation.

The Who:

The masterclass teacher is Diego and his entire processing team at Aquiares Coffee. A team that, from pickers to management are all Aquiares community members who live and work on the farm.

The Why:

Aquiares Estate works with each worker to help them buy their own home. Their coffee farm is the largest Rainforest Alliance coffee farm in Costa Rica. Aquiares first obtained its certification in 2003, and has since received yearly scores of over 950 points out of 1,000. Representatives from Starbucks, Kraft, and even the U.S. Congress have visited the farm to see coffee cultivation coexisting with conservation.