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Aquiares Coffee - Esperanza


You won't find Esperanza anywhere else on Earth. This is because it comes from a plant that only grows in Aquiares and is prepared using hundred-year-old traditions. Its light and fruity taste is a refreshing characteristic in coffee, especially these days when it seems like most coffee is over-roasted or burned.

Casual drinkers will be surprised by its light, any time of day feel. Connoisseurs will love its complexity and uniqueness. And no matter who you are, you'll love knowing that Aquiares Coffee Estate in Turrialba, Costa Rica is Costa Rica's largest Rainforest Alliance coffee farm. You'll love knowing that the farm employs almost 80% of the community and work to help each and every one of them toward home ownership. The farm is a true force for change, and for HOPE - and that is how this beautiful and bright coffee got it's name: Esperanza.

Notes: Green apple, tangerine, cardamom & cane sugar