Croix des Bouquets

Large Hammered Metal Container with Round Handles - Croix des Bouquets

Beautiful hammered bowl with intricate designs made from Haitian Steel Oil Drums. Featuring sturdy round handles for ease of carry. This artistic bowl is both decorative and functional. Great fruit bowl! Measures 11.5 x 8 inches.

Meet the Artisans

Metal Artisan in Haiti When you visit Croix des Bouquets, the area of town known for Haitian metal art in the capital of Port-Au-Prince, you are met with a cacophony of tink, tink, tink as ball peen hammers strike sheets of steel. The sheets are cut from steel drums colored by oil and other liquids the drums at one time held. The process of turning sheets of metal into beautiful wall art is all done by hand, from cutting holes that become edges of trees and leaves, to accenting each lizard with a texture of scales, to painting or lacquering the final design. The artists are proud of their work, signing the pieces on the back side, leaving a raised, reversed signature on the front.